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New video

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

As part of the series ‘Live at the Berkeley Piano Club’ the second video is now available online. Please enjoy ‘Sarah’ from the album, Somewhere in the Fade.

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Sea Sponge, now on youtube

Monday, August 20th, 2012

The greatest teachers I’ve ever studied with, were also some of the greatest performers I’ve ever heard, and so I’ve always believed teaching and performing to go hand in hand. It was in that spirit that I organized the video production and recording of the live album, ‘Live at the Berkeley Piano Club’ for July 6 and 7. Over two days myself, Danah Olivetree, and Matt Beardsley and his film crew recorded and filmed nine songs, plus a tenth out take that will also be released. The takes were done live, no overdubbing, no cutting and pasting, essentially, no studio magic. Songs that were formerly larger in arrangement were re-arranged for piano, voice and cello, or just piano and voice. Sea Sponge is the first of the nine releases, I hope you enjoy.

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