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New Voice Lessons – Free on Youtube

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

I’m a big fan of free things. I mean seriously, who isn’t? Actually, I think I have to take that back. Frequently there are ‘free’ things on the internet that require email addresses, phone numbers, or access to everything you have on Facebook. Other times, there are ‘free’ things that take up more space and or time than they’re worth, like the end table that your Great Aunt insists you take home with you from visiting. I once had a co-worker who must’ve thought I was unable to cook for myself. At the time I was a bachelor, and frequently she would very kindly give me bags of pre-cooked meat. I appreciated the sentiment, but I often didn’t actually eat what she gave me. The one time I did, I definitely regretted it.

But I digress. As a voice teacher, I have this idea that the more people know, the better we’ll all sing, and in some way this pays homage to those who have helped me in the past who required no renumeration. That being said, I often went to them for a few lessons after those freebies, so maybe it all came out in the wash anyway.

I did these four videos to help people warm up their voices before gigs or recording sessions. Whatever really. They are in four categories, low and high male, and low and high female. There should be one that roughly corresponds to your vocal range. Use them on youtube as much as you want, there are no advertisements that I have placed on them, so they should be pretty distraction free. If you find yourself using them a lot though, please consider buying them off of iTunes or wherever you buy your online media.


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