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How to Sing with Vibrato

Friday, September 25th, 2015

Teaching students to have a vibrato is tricky, because it’s more about NOT doing something than forcing our voices to wiggle around the pitch that we’re intending to sing. In these videos I show you several exercises that can help you get started to work towards a vibrato. Some key things to keep in mind as you practice with them: First, keep it all in a very comfortable range. Vibrato occurs when there is an even distribution of work between the diaphragmatic muscles and the vocal fold. If one or the other is applying force out of context with the other, your vibrato will tend not to occur, or it will sound affected and un-natural. If you’ve ever heard vocalists where their vibrato sounds really choppy and disconnected, this is one of the results you can get when you force it. Second, be patient. What we’re looking for here is a subtle feeling of release and ‘wobble’ in our voices. It’s as if in singing it has a uncertain instability that is comfortable, rather than concerning. When you practice, try the first two exercises and keep your focus on the airflow and vowels. Try to keep the air as steady as possible and see if you get a sensation that your voice could shimmy ever so slightly. From there, try to encourage your voice to do just that but keep focusing on keeping the air stable. If your vibrato starts to be too centered on oscillation of airflow, it’ll get choppy. Finally, if you have questions, get in touch. I am easy to reach on Twitter: @jtrolka or use the contact forms on either this website or Here – Voice Lessons in London. Thanks for watching and reading! Here are the new online singing lessons for vibrato in descending order or range, from Soprano to Baritone.

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