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Tenor Range Singing Lesson

This new singing lesson focuses on the narrow range of notes in the secondo passaggio area of the male tenor range. Being that we’re all different, you may find the exercises to be right where you want them to be, or slightly too high or low. Working through them with the lip trill is the recommended way to begin these studies, and is in fact, the first exercise in the video.

Be sure that you’re providing good airflow throughout this singing lesson, and be mindful of your overall fatigue level. If you feel that you’re getting tired and allowing your muscle engagement to collapse take a break. Pause the video or rewind and start again. It’s extremely important that positive airflow be available otherwise you run the risk of using too much muscle control robbing your voice of freedom and resonance.

This singing lesson is meant for male vocalists whose secondo passaggio falls around F4. If you have any questions, or would like this video in a different key area for a different vocal range, let me know. All the best!

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