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How to Project

Projecting your singing voice was a topic that I was frankly, quite terribly nervous about discussing. It came in as a request, and I felt that I needed to address it, so I spent some time reviewing information that I’d compiled over the years.

First of all, I was reminded of an article that appeared in January of 2008′s edition of Scientific American. Called, “The Human Instrument,” this is an excellent article that goes into elaborate detail on how the vocal fold functions and how resonance and airflow work together along with muscle engagement at the vocal fold to create more resonance and volume than what would seem to be possible. This is the danger that I felt in doing this video.

If we focus purely on volume and projection of the voice, I feel as if we’re looking at the end results of a process that can take some time. By focusing our attention on good airflow, good vowel focus, and an awareness of the resonators at play in our voices we can arrive at the volume and power we want naturally and healthily. My goal in these videos has always been to provide good information that can improve not only our singing voices, but our overall vocal health.

After some thought and reading, I put the information into a three part summation of vocal technique. As always, I hope it helps, and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. Thanks for watching! ~Jeff

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