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Singing without Strain

Singing without strain is a valuable skill for those of us who use our voices regularly or professionally. Even those of us who don’t rely on our voices to make a living can benefit from this practice though. In this video, we practice with one of my favorite and most effective methods for learning to sing without straining the voice. The short bursts of tone, if done from the solar plexus with the remaining abdominal muscles still engaged helps us define our tonal onset and get really efficient adduction of the vocal folds. When done properly, the sound will be full, or as a voice teacher might say, well connected, but it will feel light and agile. The richness of tone is a product of good airflow through a relaxed aural cavity that is being allowed to resonate freely. The beauty of this exercise though, is that in taking the short breaths, we’re given the opportunity to practice the tonal onset several times for each key that we’re singing in. In this way, we really get a chance to practice the onset to refine our technique. This directly translates to singing songs and can have an immediate impact after only a few minutes of practice. This exercise is one of the few exercises that I use when I am having general trouble with my voice. On the days when I’m not focusing very well or feeling as if my voice isn’t responding the way that I am generally accustomed to; coming back to this short practice can ‘reset’ my vocal delivery.


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